Ludwigs’ Top 4 favorite Ski Fashion Brands of this Season

Just got back from my trip to Austria and seeing all those fab ski fashion brands in the shops over there, I really got inspired to write this post about my Top 4 favorite brands of this season and show you some highlights of their collections. If you haven’t decided about your ski outfit yet, or need some last minute Christmas wishlist inspiration, the brands in my post may be of help. They are from Austria, South Tyrol and The Netherlands and have one thing in common: Main goal is to design stunning ski fashion to make you shine like never before, on and off slope!


Trachten Couture at its finest! In VOGUE by LODENFREY München

There is one place in Munich that is thé home to the finest Trachten. At LODENFREY – the well known and luxurious department store in downtown Munich – you find this inexhaustible collection of beautiful dirndls, from many different designers. Couture brands, newcomers, established ones, but also non-traditional brands like Tommy Hilfiger. It’s all there, waiting for you to be discovered!

Almrauschparty 2016_Rosi's Sonnbergstuben_Kitzbühel_5 reasons to be at this hotspot Summer event.

Thé 5 Must-go Reasons to visit Rosi’s Almrauschparty in Kitzbühel

Well my friends….the Almrauschparty at Rosi’s wonderful Sonnbergstuben in Kitzbühel, that was quite a blast! I’m still reminiscing about this highlight Trachten event in the Kitzbühler Alps. And my feet are still sore from dancing, because that’s what the 800 fancy dressed guests did, dance until the crack of dawn! Despite being a fairly insider event – mainly German and Austrian guests (we were the only Dutch ones) – it’s definitely a must-go. Especially if you’re a die-hard Oktoberfest fan, this event is indisputably your prelude to the largest Volksfest in the world. Once inside, you instantly get caught by the flow and mood of Austrian tradition, Gemütlichkeit, Tracht and glamour. Let me tell you the 5 reasons why you should go there to have an unforgettable night out!

Alpenherz dirndl dress. Top 5 favorite dirndl designers autumn winter 2016.

On point in Tracht! Ludwigs’ Top 5 favorite Dirndl Designers 2016

Trachten season is in full swing and the partytents are already built at the Wiesn; Oktoberfest 2016 is coming! Thé perfect moment to share my favorite dirndl designers again. Like last year, I will show you loads of stunning dirndls, for inspiration but also because it’s so much fun to have a look at all those beauties. I will show you vintage ones, traditional designs and sophisticated styles. All of them on point and designed with only one thing in mind; To make you feel at your best in Tracht and give you that irresistible feminine feeling. Ladies get ready….here they are; My top 5 favorite dirndl designers of this season!

Chalet N. The ultimate ‘All your dreams come true’ Chalet in Oberlech

Always wanted to have a look inside the most expensive chalet in the Austrian Alps? Well…this is it! The Chalet N in Oberlech, is where the richest among us relax and have a blast in maximum privacy. Surrounded by top notch amenities and in one of the most beautiful and high end ski resorts in Austria. Are you ready to absorb some eye candy images of Alpine style at the highest level?


Dutchweekend Saalbach; A fab way to ski, party and have a blast amongst friends

Just got back from a couple of great days in Saalbach and I’m still thrilled about this positive vibe I’ve experienced over there. Almost 10 years ago I was in Saalbach for the first time, but this time it turned out to be totally different! I had already heard a lot about it. The event was created by the ‘fab 4’ – Wim, Fabian, Anouk & Laura – and rolled out by the professional and dedicated Dutchweek crew. My expectations were high and I was prepared for everything….