Mama Thresl. Urban Soul meets the Alps

Urban Soul meets the Alps, that’s the credo of Mama Thresl and shows how contemporary hotel industry in the Alps can do without clichés and conventions. The idea for this hotel concept comes from the owners Renate and Huwi Oberlader, who are deeply rooted in their region and even like to spend their free time in the mountains. With their Mama Thresl they like to share a piece of Alpine Sports home to their guests. Let’s have a look at this remarkable hotel.

Ludwigs’ way to have a great ski break in Serfaus

Once a year – always in week 11 – I fly to the beautiful village of Serfaus. This village is located at an altitude of 1427 meters, on a sunny plateau above the Tyrolean Inn Valley and is definitely one of my favorites. I’ve been doing this for 6 years now. Always love to go back here. Through the years I’ve collected spots, tips, venues and things that I love to share with you in this blogpost.

Top 10 biggest Après-Ski Hits in Austria

For all you ‘newcomers’, below you find the list with the 10 biggest Après-Ski hits. Of course you can argue about it, but this is my personal list based on more than 15 years of partying in Austrian bars. My advice to you. Learn them by heart, it will make your Après-Ski experience an even greater one. My personal favorite – and number 1 on the list – is ‘Dem Land Tirol die Treue’ by Die Grubentaler. It’s a traditional march song about Tyrol, you won’t hear it everywhere in Austria.

Dancing through Vienna

Vienna was named the city with the best life quality in the world by the global consulting firm Mercer – four times in a row. But why is Vienna so high ranked? Personally I think the slow and very traditional lifestyle makes a huge difference to other metropoles in the world. And the Viennese Ball-season is a big part of this old fashioned life-style of Viennese citizens.

The MOOSER Hotel. 4 Star Superior Hotel hosts 5 Star Après-Ski Party

Next to all the luxurious features that come with the 4 Star Superior hotel rating, there’s this very special feature. Only to be found at the MOOSER Hotel. Eugen Scalet told me already that the ‘Mother of all Après-Ski huts’ – his MooserWirt – is part of the MOOSER hotel. Sounds good to me; Stay, Sleep and Party all in one place. But it even gets better. Only for hotel guests there is a connecting door, that leads you directly to the MooserWirt! Straight into the party heart of Sankt Anton. Doesn’t your heart beat faster knowing about this now?

Kitzbühel. The legendary ‘Streif’ Hahnenkamm Rennen and more…

Once a year the entire ski world goes to the picturesque and upscale ski resort Kitzbühel in Tyrol. For one week this charming village is packed with visitors from all over the world. Press, top notch ski athletes and many, many celebrities; Everyone is into the ‘Hahnenkamm Fever’. The best ski athletes in the world gather in Kitzbühel to celebrate the highlight of the World Cup calendar. The ‘Streif’ is regarded THE BOMB. The most legendary and spectacular ski slope in the world and asks the utmost of the skiers.

Ludwigs’ Top 5 Après-Ski Party Places

You can’t do one without the other, at least that’s what I think. I can’t imagine going back to the hotel for a relaxing evening, after a day on the slopes: No! For me a perfect day in the snow definitely has to end with ‘Fliegender Hirsch’, a fine glass of Grüner Veltliner and singing & dancing to the tunes of the (Schlager) music. I’ve surrounded myself with great people over the years, who enjoy this as much as I do. Lucky me!

Five Gorgeous ‘Last Christmas’ Ski Chalets

I don’t know about you guys, but around this time of year – with the holiday’s coming up – I always have to think about the classic video by Wham! from 1984. Writing this blogpost, I realized that it’s been 30 years!! since I sat down for the TV mesmerizing, when the iconic ‘Last Christmas’ video aired for the first time. What a romantic and cosy setting to celebrate Christmas with friends in a chalet in the snow. It was definitely something I wanted to experience once in my life.