All dressed-up in Trachten for the Oktoberfest 2014

Only a couple of months to go before the famous Oktoberfest starts at the Theresienwiese in München. I know what you are thinking right now, München? That is no Austrian hotspot, but I want to make an exception for this world-famous Volksfest, that connects Austria to Bayern and excites all of these other different nationalities. It is the largest Volksfest in the world. Over 6.5 million people from all over the globe visit this event every year, to drink, party and dress-up in Trachten. And Trachten is what I want to write about.

Ludwigs' Backyard Wine Tasting. Grüner Veltliner

We wanted to start something new and fun to share with you. Ludwigs’ Backyard Wine Tasting with friends and family in our own backyard in Hillegom, The Netherlands. Not quite sure how often we will do this, but the plan is to do this as often as we can! A couple of days ago our order arrived. We always order directly from Austrian wine websites, like for example This time four different and perfectly chilled Grüner Veltliners were waiting for us to be tasted.

Serfaus. The all season holiday destination

In summer this place also has a lot to offer. As I already mentioned kids are very welcome in the village and the facilities and outdoor activities are tailored especially for them. There are many family hotels in various price categories. And on top of the mountain there is a true outdoor Adventure World for kids, with a lot of fun and cool things to do. As a guest staying in one of Serfaus’ accommodations you get the Super.Summer.Card for free.

For your eyes only. Italia Independent

Today, our Italian friends will be delighted, because this time we are going to write about Italia Independent. This designer eye-wear (sun) glasses brand by Lapo Elkann (he is the grandson of Fiat founder Gianni Agnelli ) is enormously popular. We have been following Lapo for quite some time now. He is a busy bee, promoting his shades around the globe.

Pannobile, the lovely red from Burgenland

Our first encounter with the red Pannobile wine was a couple of years ago at the Hotel Edelweiss in Grossarl. One evening at dinner we started talking to the couple at the table next to us. We had just ordered a red wine and they were also enjoying a bottle. They had noticed that we specifically asked for an Austrian wine and were curious if we ever tried the red Pannobile Gsellmann. We never did and soon extra glasses were put on the table and we were tasting the Pannobile Gsellmann for the first time. We had a lovely evening and the Gsellmann really tasted wonderful.

Clubbing at the pool

If you like to party and dance in the open air, The Pratersauna is the place to go when staying in Vienna. No other club in Vienna has such a lovely pool in the garden, which is open for swimming in the afternoon during the summer season. At other times, the swimming pool is illuminated during the night and acts as an attractive setting for parties.

First Austrian wine scores 100 Parker Points

A 1995 Nikolaihof Riesling wine bar has been given the highest score possible by a prestigious international wine reviewer – the first time an Austrian wine has been rated this high.

Robert Parker’s “The Wine Advocate”, a US magazine that reviews and awards scores to wines across the world, awarded the 1995 Riesling the full 100 points possible, placing it alongside some of the best wines in the world.

Introducing Frauenschuh

Frauenschuh is the luxury brand I spotted a while ago. I saw our own Queen Maxima ( of The Netherlands ) on television at the annual Royal family photoshoot in Lech. She wore a gorgeous ski jacket that caught my attention. I googled it immediately and found out that it was from the collection of Frauenschuh, Kitzbühel.