Mountain VIP Club Ischgl. Great restaurant on the slope. Alpenhaus. Idalpe.

6 excellent Restaurants to have Lunch on the Slopes of Austria

To me one of the best parts of being on the slopes is, that joyful moment when you kick off your ski’s to go for lunch. I love these endless lunches, high up in the mountains, preferably sitting outside in the winter sun. It may sound a bit crazy, but the level of cuisine and service on the slopes is definitely something I keep in mind, when deciding where to go for a ski trip. Don’t settle for uninspired, soulless, self-service restaurants. It takes away so much of that lovely, traditional ski-vibe. Make sure to enjoy it to the fullest and choose the ones, where they waiter your table in Tracht and serve delicious homemade dishes, mostly based on family recipes. That’s the way you want it to be. Agree? Check the ones on my list, for sure they will give you that typical Austrian feeling!

Ludwigs' Backyard Wine Tasting. Grüner Veltliner

We wanted to start something new and fun to share with you. Ludwigs’ Backyard Wine Tasting with friends and family in our own backyard in Hillegom, The Netherlands. Not quite sure how often we will do this, but the plan is to do this as often as we can! A couple of days ago our order arrived. We always order directly from Austrian wine websites, like for example This time four different and perfectly chilled Grüner Veltliners were waiting for us to be tasted.

Pannobile, the lovely red from Burgenland

Our first encounter with the red Pannobile wine was a couple of years ago at the Hotel Edelweiss in Grossarl. One evening at dinner we started talking to the couple at the table next to us. We had just ordered a red wine and they were also enjoying a bottle. They had noticed that we specifically asked for an Austrian wine and were curious if we ever tried the red Pannobile Gsellmann. We never did and soon extra glasses were put on the table and we were tasting the Pannobile Gsellmann for the first time. We had a lovely evening and the Gsellmann really tasted wonderful.

First Austrian wine scores 100 Parker Points

A 1995 Nikolaihof Riesling wine bar has been given the highest score possible by a prestigious international wine reviewer – the first time an Austrian wine has been rated this high.

Robert Parker’s “The Wine Advocate”, a US magazine that reviews and awards scores to wines across the world, awarded the 1995 Riesling the full 100 points possible, placing it alongside some of the best wines in the world.