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Wish List to Santa, Part II. 10 Exclusive Gifts for your Sweetheart

Running around like crazy to arrange all the Christmas gifts for the Holidays? I know the feeling, it’s by far the busiest time of the year. Finding that special gift for your sweetheart can be very nerve wracking. Earlier I shared tips on where to spend your Christmas with loved ones, followed by my wishlist to Santa, part I. Now it’s time to share part II. Here’s my top 10. Hopefully it will inspire you!

Christmas Wishlist: Top 10 Classy Mountain Lifestyle Fashion Items. ludwigs.nl

Wish List to Santa, Part 1. Classy Mountain Lifestyle Fashion Items

Holiday season is coming up pretty soon. The most wonderful time of the year! Are you starting to get nervous already? Writing down checklists on where to go, what to give and wish for? Relax….breath in – breath out. In this post I may be of help. Let me show you my list with Classy Mountain Lifestyle Fashion items, to either give or wish for these Holidays. Get inspired!

Restaurant Hilberkeller. Kuens, Meran. Südtirol. ludwigs.nl

Restaurant Hilberkeller in Kuens, close to Meran

Let me tell you about this ‘Geheimtipp’ Hilberkeller in Kuens. This lovely place in the middle of the beautiful vineyards and apple orchards in the Meran region, first caught my attention on Instragram. While I was preparing my first trip to Südtirol, their gallery was a great inspiration. It didn’t take long before I got in touch with Andreas Platter – son of the owners – and heard more about the restaurant, its rich history (the farm goes back to 1369!), the fine dishes they serve and the must-sees in the area. I could sense that they are really proud of their restaurant, traditions and life surrounded by all these gifts of nature. Of course I wanted to go there and see this place with my own eyes.

Top 10 biggest Après-Ski Hits in Austria

For all you ‘newcomers’, below you find the list with the 10 biggest Après-Ski hits. Of course you can argue about it, but this is my personal list based on more than 15 years of partying in Austrian bars. My advice to you. Learn them by heart, it will make your Après-Ski experience an even greater one. My personal favorite – and number 1 on the list – is ‘Dem Land Tirol die Treue’ by Die Grubentaler. It’s a traditional march song about Tyrol, you won’t hear it everywhere in Austria.

The MOOSER Hotel. 4 Star Superior Hotel hosts 5 Star Après-Ski Party

Next to all the luxurious features that come with the 4 Star Superior hotel rating, there’s this very special feature. Only to be found at the MOOSER Hotel. Eugen Scalet told me already that the ‘Mother of all Après-Ski huts’ – his MooserWirt – is part of the MOOSER hotel. Sounds good to me; Stay, Sleep and Party all in one place. But it even gets better. Only for hotel guests there is a connecting door, that leads you directly to the MooserWirt! Straight into the party heart of Sankt Anton. Doesn’t your heart beat faster knowing about this now?

Five Gorgeous ‘Last Christmas’ Ski Chalets

I don’t know about you guys, but around this time of year – with the holiday’s coming up – I always have to think about the classic video by Wham! from 1984. Writing this blogpost, I realized that it’s been 30 years!! since I sat down for the TV mesmerizing, when the iconic ‘Last Christmas’ video aired for the first time. What a romantic and cosy setting to celebrate Christmas with friends in a chalet in the snow. It was definitely something I wanted to experience once in my life.

Meet Bartl Enn. The best Edelschnaps brewer in the world

Staying in Hinterglemm this summer surprised us in so many ways. Not only because of the beautiful Alpine Palace New Balance Luxus Resort and its staff, but also because of some quite interesting people who live in this village. For example Flo Wolf and his wood art gallery GlemmArt. I already wrote about him in my Alpine Palace post . But this time I would like to introduce you to Bartl Enn, the best Schnaps Brenner ( brewer ) in the world!

Latschenkiefer creme

Latschenkiefer crème for the perfect tan

Ever wondered how your ski-instructor got that perfect brown tan on his face? It was my ski-instructor Manfred who revealed the secret to me almost 14 years ago. I went to Serfaus together with my love, to ski for the very first time in my life. Nervous and trembling like a leaf for my first lesson, I met Manfred. He looked at me and saw at once that I was not at ease. He promised me that, by the end of the week, I could do the ‘red’ slope without fear. I laughed at him and told him that this was not going to happen; no red slope for me! I really didn’t want to look like Brigdet Jones on her first skibreak with Hugh Grant and loosing her goddess image at once.


The mountains are calling and we must go

Indeed. If the mountains are calling we must go. Make no mistake, not all the mountains make me move, but the ones in Austria do. I simply love the unexpected sights and views being in Austria’s countryside. Curvy mountain roads lead you to the most beautiful scenery. I’ve truly fallen in love with this country and its mountains, over and over again.