Trachten Couture at its finest! In VOGUE by LODENFREY München

There is one place in Munich that is thé home to the finest Trachten. At LODENFREY – the well known and luxurious department store in downtown Munich – you find this inexhaustible collection of beautiful dirndls, from many different designers. Couture brands, newcomers, established ones, but also non-traditional brands like Tommy Hilfiger. It’s all there, waiting for you to be discovered!

Almrauschparty 2016_Rosi's Sonnbergstuben_Kitzbühel_5 reasons to be at this hotspot Summer event.

Thé 5 Must-go Reasons to visit Rosi’s Almrauschparty in Kitzbühel

Well my friends….the Almrauschparty at Rosi’s wonderful Sonnbergstuben in Kitzbühel, that was quite a blast! I’m still reminiscing about this highlight Trachten event in the Kitzbühler Alps. And my feet are still sore from dancing, because that’s what the 800 fancy dressed guests did, dance until the crack of dawn! Despite being a fairly insider event – mainly German and Austrian guests (we were the only Dutch ones) – it’s definitely a must-go. Especially if you’re a die-hard Oktoberfest fan, this event is indisputably your prelude to the largest Volksfest in the world. Once inside, you instantly get caught by the flow and mood of Austrian tradition, Gemütlichkeit, Tracht and glamour. Let me tell you the 5 reasons why you should go there to have an unforgettable night out!

Alpenherz dirndl dress. Top 5 favorite dirndl designers autumn winter 2016.

On point in Tracht! Ludwigs’ Top 5 favorite Dirndl Designers 2016

Trachten season is in full swing and the partytents are already built at the Wiesn; Oktoberfest 2016 is coming! Thé perfect moment to share my favorite dirndl designers again. Like last year, I will show you loads of stunning dirndls, for inspiration but also because it’s so much fun to have a look at all those beauties. I will show you vintage ones, traditional designs and sophisticated styles. All of them on point and designed with only one thing in mind; To make you feel at your best in Tracht and give you that irresistible feminine feeling. Ladies get ready….here they are; My top 5 favorite dirndl designers of this season!

Kinga Mathe Trachtencouture Fall-Winter Collection 2015. Designer Dirndl Oktoberfest, Wiesn München.

5 Tips to have the Oktoberfest of your Dreams

Just got back from a wonderful weekend in München. It was my second time at the Oktoberfest and it was even better than the first time! I reckon the more often you go the better it gets. They say, ‘good preparation is half the battle’ and that’s true. There are some things you can already take care of before heading to the biggest Volksfest in the world. Check my 5 tips below. These will definitely contribute to an even greater Oktoberfest experience!

Bavarian fashionlabel Vui Gfui, Landshut, Bayern. Dirndl Trachten.

2 designers & 1 young, Bavarian fashionlabel. VUI GFUI!

Let me tell you about Melanie & Armina, two talented Bavarian girls and their young, fashionlabel Vui Gfui. We’ve met through Instagram. I always scroll the explore page to find new and inspirational mountain lifestyle items. This time my eye fell on these cute leather shorts, with traditional, detailed flower embroidery. They turned out to be from this young Bavarian brand, based in Landshut.

The garden of Aktivresort Valavier, Brand. Brandertal. photoshoot Dirndl Kinga Mathe Trachtencouture.

The 3 best features of VALAVIER Aktivresort, Brand

This summer VALAVIER Aktivresort in Brand, was one of our temporary homes abroad. Staying at the Valavier surprised us in many ways, but there are 3 specific things about this lovely place I like to share. Of course, the rooms are fully equipped and the Wellness & Spa facilities are well taken care of, but that’s what you may expect from a hotel like this. It’s the feeling you get when you stay here, that’s what actually makes the difference.

Straight into the heart. AlpenHerz Designer Dirndls

With the Oktoberfest in München coming up in just a couple of weeks, I’m happy to show you some beautiful dirndls again. While staying in Südtirol and Austria, I’ve been able to wear these beauties in the perfect setting of Merano, Naturno and Brand. It’s all about AlpenHerz in this post. A lovely brand that I’ve been following for quite some time now. The dirndls below are definitely my favorites in the current AlpenHerz Exclusive Designer Collection. I hope you like them and that they will give you some inspiration for this year’s Wiesn-look!

Ludwigs’ Top 4 favorite Dirndl Designers

With all the stylish Spring/Summer events and parties coming up, it’s about time to start looking for the most beautiful and perfectly designed Dirndl. The one that fits like a glove and makes you look stunning. In this blog I share my favorite Dirndl designers with you. Hopefully the selection of images will get you all inspired to find your own favorite style.

Top 10 biggest Après-Ski Hits in Austria

For all you ‘newcomers’, below you find the list with the 10 biggest Après-Ski hits. Of course you can argue about it, but this is my personal list based on more than 15 years of partying in Austrian bars. My advice to you. Learn them by heart, it will make your Après-Ski experience an even greater one. My personal favorite – and number 1 on the list – is ‘Dem Land Tirol die Treue’ by Die Grubentaler. It’s a traditional march song about Tyrol, you won’t hear it everywhere in Austria.

6 Golden tips to have a terrific Oktoberfest

Months ago I had already announced it in one of my earlier posts on Dirndl Trachten. I was planning to go to the Oktoberfest and definitely wanted to experience this event myself. Well, I did it! Booked a flight to Munich, stayed there for 2 days and just got back. I am deeply impressed by what I’ve seen over there. What a blast. So many people and different nationalities. All of them drinking, partying and having fun together at the biggest festival in the world. Great! And because I can still feel the rush of the Wiesn, I want to share my tips with you as soon as possible!