Hotel DAS GOLDBERG - A-Bad Hofgastein. Photocredit GŸunter Standl

DAS.GOLDBERG, Bad Hofgastein. A golden stay in every single way!

The drive to 4 star superior hotel DAS.GOLDBERG in Bad Hofgastein was a lovely one. Heavy snowfall had created this amazing scenery. The climb all the way up to the hotel was quite challenging, but was definitely worth it. When I walked into the hotel, the first thing that struck me was the lovely smell of fresh, roasted coffee. A good sign, instantly felt the cozyness and hospitality.

Detox, spa hotel Lanserhof, Tegernsee. Germany.

Destination Detox! 5 heavenly Spots to cleanse Body, Mind & Soul

The Oktoberfest is over and wintersports season is about to start; the perfect time to do this ‘in between’ thing, that you’ve probably always wanted to do: Detox! Finally getting rid of all the bad stuff that’s been in there for so long. Cleanse your body, mind and soul and make this fresh and fruity reborn start. Curious to find out more about it, I dived into this world of detox & spa hotels in Austria, Germany and South Tyrol. Must admit, quite tempting to try this major clean-up in these heavenly surroundings.